What is Zoning Assessment?

Zoning Assessment is MAPS's rapidly-drafted report that describes site requirements and possible challenges to construct a new building, or to open a new business, on one or more sites that you're considered purchasing, leasing, or already own. An accurate zoning assessment is part of a thorough site selection process. 

The problem

Zoning assessments are expensive and take weeks to produce, but you have your eye on a prospective property and decisions need to made within days, not weeks. 

The solution

Every report reviews significant regulations as you consider options to opening a new business or developing a new building, including:

  • What zoning allows, or what zoning needs to change to allow what you want

  • Parking requirements

  • Historic district or landmark building regulations

  • Incentives checkup - we'll find up to 14

Enabled by our Zoning Dashboard technology, we can turn around most reports within 48 hours.

Establishing a partnership with MAP Strategies to tackle your zoning issues can be part of a larger range of services we provide, including a full design package.

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