What is a Zoning Report?

A Zoning Report describes site requirements and possible challenges to construct a new building, or to open a new business, on one or more sites that you're considered purchasing, leasing, or already own. An accurate Zoning Report is part of a thorough site selection process. 

We offer Zoning Reports that you can purchase instantly; receive a completed Zoning Report within 48 hours.

The problem

Zoning Reports can be expensive and take weeks to produce, but you have your eye on a prospective property and decisions need to made within days, not weeks. 

The solution

Every MAPS Zoning Report reviews significant regulations as you consider options to opening a new business or developing a new building, including:

  • What zoning allows

  • Parking requirements

  • Historic district or landmark building regulations

  • Incentives checkup - we'll find up to 16

Enabled by our Zoning Dashboard technology, we can turn around most reports within 48 hours.

Currently, only the basic Zoning Report is available. We will soon offer Zoning Report Plus, which will provide rezoning (zoning change) options that will discuss potential rezones for a property to accommodate the development you envision.

Establishing a partnership with MAP Strategies to tackle your zoning issues can be part of a larger range of services we provide, including a full design package.

Order a Zoning Report

Zoning Report

Purchase a Zoning Report for any address or property in Chicago and receive it within 48 hours. (Does not provide rezoning or zoning change options.)

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