Zoning Report


Zoning Report


Purchase a Zoning Report for any address or property in Chicago and receive it within 48 hours. (Does not provide rezoning or zoning change options.)

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Every Zoning Report for a single Chicago property includes the following information:

  • A description of what can be built with the current zoning, including how large the building can be, how tall it can be, and how many units it can have

  • Car parking requirements for new construction

  • Check eligibility for 16 financial incentives

  • Special overlay districts

  • Landmark districts

  • TOD status

  • Notable open building violations

We'll collect your name, email, and phone number when you check out. We will use this information to contact you if we have any questions. 

The Zoning Report doesn't provide rezoning (zoning change) options. Please contact if you would like a zoning report to discuss rezoning options.