Partner with us as you move your business or development project through licensing, permitting, and approval processes

Code Consulting

Leverage our team’s expert knowledge by including them in the design process. We are here to support designers, architects, and owners at any time throughout the development of your project. Our multidisciplinary team provides up-to-date code advice grounded in our years of experience and ongoing code review and design practice. See how MAPS can improve your project

Permit Management

We invest in you and your project early on. By the time your project is ready for permit, we have done the homework to create efficiencies that drive the process without delays. We take a unique approach to permitting. We start the conversation at the programming and design phase to pre-empt any surprise conflicts in the technical review of a project. Our broad array of design professionals guide you through the permit submittal and review process and track your permit through issuance. Learn how MAPS gets projects approved quickly

Zoning Reports

We know Chicago like no other and thus can more efficiently find fast solutions toward restrictions often existing in zoning regulations. We connect code expertise and land use experience with our exclusive Zoning Dashboard, updated monthly, to develop accurate zoning assessments within 48 hours.. Just tell us the address 


Streamline building permits, eliminate redundancies, collect e-signatures, and save time filling out building permit paperwork by using FormWork. Visit the FormWork website to get started. Spend time on ideas, not paperwork!


Architectural Design Services

We provide a straightforward approach that sets the ground rules for well-articulated space. MAPStudio is a licensed design firm in the State of Illinois. Our team has collective experience designing from single-family homes to hospitals. We can consult on your project to help program your needs and articulate that through comprehensive design. See what our designers are up to

Design Compliance

We believe understanding all code and licensing layers upfront, and partnering with the design team, saves time and ultimately creates more efficient spaces. During the design process our team will edit your building design to comply with code and adjacency requirements. This reduces awkward last-minute design solutions and the associated costs. 

Feasibility Services

We listen to what your needs are and help you create your vision. Ask the right questions. What’s important to you, what’s feasible and why? We can dialogue with you and illustrate options from every angle. Pre-design, site selection, site placement, building massing and energy modeling are a few examples of our services. 

License Strategy and Procurement

We connect the dots between business, design, and licensing. The art of business and liquor licensing requires a thorough understanding of the future business values and operations. Our team brings a unique perspective; collaborating with attorneys, owners and architects to arrive at a licensing strategy that best serves the business. We provide a 60-day strategic plan to ensure your business opens on time and functioning fully.

Owner's Representation

We drive the planning and process of architecture for your project. By pre-empting design + compliance issues and anticipating the overall project requirements for owners, we provide the assistance and leadership necessary for a successful project by mediating all steps of the pre-design, design, and building processes. Understanding the vision and mission of your business is important to us. This helps us identify common goals for the project team to ensure desired architectural outcomes. Through our proactive, integrated strategic planning we do it right the first time.

Cannabis Services

MAPS can help companies wanting to open medical marijuana and adult use (recreational) cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers in Illinois with a suite of compliance services.

  • Mapping and site selection to find suitable properties that meet City of Chicago and Illinois requirements

  • Zoning assessment of a client-selected site to verify its compliance

  • Expert witness for the special use permit process once a location has been selected and leased

  • Buildout design compliance with building, energy, and accessibility codes - The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) requires documentation that the selected storefront meets building and fire codes, and all local ordinances.

  • Building permit management

MAPS Tracker

Avoid costly problems when your licenses and permits aren't renewed, and stay on top of new building violations. We partner with Chicago Cityscape, a property and neighborhood development data aggregator, to give property owners peace of mind by providing recurring notification that all licenses, permits, and City of Chicago building violations are current.

Building Violations

MAPS can assist in getting old building violations closed and complete a Critical Examination Report for exposed metal structures (including canopies and fire escapes).

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