Educational seminars

MAPS's team of experts can teach your office new tricks. We have developed succinct seminars to bring architecture and development firms up to speed on the latest rules and requirements. We cover current development topics such as Chicago zoning, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), accessibility, and the Chicago Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO). 

We can host the seminar as a brown bag lunch, catered lunch, or as an evening event.

Understanding the Affordable Requirements Ordinance ARO.001.jpeg

Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO)

Chicago's Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) is a rule adopted in 2007 to use the resources of the private property development community to generate more affordable housing construction. It was revised substantially in 2015 to change the fees assessed to those who opt out of the requirements, and to require a minimum number of dwelling units to be built on the development site. In 2017, the City Council adopted three "Pilot Areas" that further increase the amount of affordable housing that will be generated in parts of the city that have rapidly increasing housing costs.

Our ARO seminar will cover the basic rules, exceptions, opting out, Pilot Areas, tenant eligibility, and how this intersects with the permit process.


MAPS reviews the accessibility components of dozens of new construction projects annually. We're at the forefront of accessibility reviews with the City of Chicago's Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) and stays current on code changes in the three codes that MOPD administers to ensure that buildings in Chicago are accessible. Those codes are the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the International Building Code, and the Chicago Building Code.

Our Accessibility seminar will review the latest updates to the three codes, the accessibility requirements for residential buildings, and MOPD's review process.

Custom seminar

MAPS can also design a custom instructional seminar related to many urban planning, zoning, code consulting, building permit, and property development topics.