What is permit management?

We utilize our design background and experience to drive projects. While part of permit management is permit expediting, full benefits cannot be realized if a more thoughtful approach isn’t implemented. We anticipate potential delays and provide immediate solutions ensuring the fastest and most accurate process when expediting your permits.

The problem

Too often the permit process is short-sighted and underappreciated relative to the complications and obstacles that occur. Sometimes the approval can take many months or get caught in the bureaucracy that is ever-present. Technology has allowed us to design buildings faster and more collaboratively, but the role of traditional expediters and after-the-fact code consultants is slow, marginalized, and too disconnected to be effective.

Our solution

MAPS embraces the permitting process as one of the key drivers of a successful project. Instead of being in a constant state of stress and confrontation with the unknown, we take ownership of the process by establishing strategies and goals which make it predictable, achievable, and enjoyable.

Our permit management service focuses on editing architectural designs prior to permit submittal and strategically planning the mission of permitting and licensing, resulting in a wealth of benefits. With these goals at the front and center of the pre-construction process, projects are completed with better design outcomes and both time and money saved.

We work with you through the entire process to ensure continuity and accuracy. We integrate with your full design and development team, in real time, as an essential team player. By working with us we can reduce the expected project completion time by up to six months.

Complete list of Permits and Licenses

Chicago permit processes

  • Developer Services

  • Direct Developer Services

  • Easy (EZ) Permit Process (EPP)

  • Standard Plan Review

  • Self-Certified Permit

Other Chicago permit types & related services

  • Change of Contractor (EZ permit)

  • Crane and hoist permits

  • Office of Underground Coordination (OUC) Permit Issuance Authorizations, including excavation and earth retention systems.

  • Excavation drawing services - We save months by developing these drawings in-house so that your project can start the OUC permit review process immediately.

  • Occupancy capacity sign/placard permit (including resolving this very common violation)

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • Tent, pavilion, and temporary stage permits

  • Sign permits

    • Sign contractors have typically pulled sign permits, but Chicago allows expeditors to also pull sign permits

    • Sign Calculation to determine the allowable sign area on a property

    • Sign Inventory to understand the extent of existing signs on a property to ensure accurate sign permits and prevent any delays in being issued a sign permit

  • Trade - electrical permits, drywall, plumbing, refrigeration, etc.

  • Wrecking permits - required to be pulled by licensed wrecking contractor, MAPS can assist in expediting process

  • Solar panel permits

  • Green Permit Process and Sustainable Development Policy applications

  • Variations from the Chicago building code:

    • Alternative Code Approval Request (ACAR) - for Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), structural glass handrails, ipe wood, and other variances

    • Building Board of Appeals (BBA)

    • Committee on Standards and Tests

  • Permits for athletic and sports fields

  • Permits for coach houses and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) (when they become legal again in Chicago - contact us for details)

  • Permits for medical and recreational cannabis (marijuana) storefront buildouts

Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) permits

  • Driveway

  • Openings in the public way

  • Street and alley closures

  • Street and alley vacations

  • Occupying the public right of way (ROW)

  • Dumpsters

  • Canopy permits

  • House Number Certificates

Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) permits & licenses

  • Grant of Privilege (GOP), also known as public way use permits

  • Special Events permit

  • Sidewalk Café permit

  • Food and Beverage permits and licensing as a bundle - this is necessary when you open a restaurant, for example, because permits and licenses must be obtained in tandem:

    • Chicago Department of Buildings (DOB)

    • Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH)

    • Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP)

Additional licenses, permits and other business activities

  • Alcohol licensing - Including caterer’s, packaged goods, tavern, and consumption on premises licenses

  • Business and Hotel Licensing

  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

  • Dog-Friendly Dining Areas

  • Mobile Food Dispensers - Food carts and food trucks

  • Sidewalk Dining

  • Wood Burning Ovens and Kitchen Hoods

Nationwide permitting

  • Retail and hotel permitting nationwide

Building violations

MAPS can also assist in resolving and closing building violations. MAPS can draw architectural plans and obtain permits for resolving violations, and interface with Department of Buildings inspectors to close irrelevant or outdated building violations.

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