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MAP Strategies uses three proprietary, state-of-the-art technologies that we developed to streamline the real estate compliance process. 

  • FormWork assembles your building permit package so they're submitted right the first time.

  • MAPS Tracker helps property owners manage their businesses to prevent costly delays.

  • Zoning Assessment quickly helps you determine what you can build on a site.


MAPS developed a cutting-edge technology called FormWork to streamline the permit process. FormWork keeps processes moving and information minute-to-minute so that you can spend time on ideas, not paperwork.

Streamline the permit process

We work with the City of Chicago every day, securing permits and providing technical code reviews. Tired of dealing with the inefficiencies of the permit process, we wanted to develop a tool that would help us cut through the red tape.

FormWork is that tool. It is a mobile, web-based application for AEC professionals that streamlines the Chicago building code and permit process by syncing with compliance requirements laid out in city databases. FormWork is designed to scale to the needs of any project, from a residential renovation to a fifty-floor skyscraper.

Modernizing an Outdated Process

Permit forms can contain over 600 questions, yet there was no software for filling out and storing the permit forms. Before FormWork, the only option was to file the forms manually. However, it can take a design team months to complete all the paperwork for a large project – longer if anything changes throughout the process, forcing the team to start over.

FormWork solves this problem with a host of features designed to minimize errors, eliminate redundancies, and save time:

  • Proprietary algorithm suggests appropriate permit path based on project

  • Auto-populates data and completes code calculations across forms and fields

  • Provides support for common code interpretation questions

  • Allows users to edit and save data, enabling one-click changes across hundreds of forms

  • Generates printable PDF versions of completed forms

  • Collects e-signatures and e-stamps from multiple users

How FormWork works

FormWork Screen Shot.png

FormWork makes completing permit paperwork intuitive and efficient. What used to be a weeks or months-long ordeal is now a simple process.

  • Answer a few questions to determine your permit type.

  • FormWork autofills the permit documents and collects e-signatures.

  • Submit completed forms to the City for approval.

That’s it. Visit the FormWork website to get started.

MAPS Tracker

Maintain business health and compliance

The permit process doesn’t end when construction is finished. Permits and licenses have to be renewed regularly to keep your property up to code. That’s where our partnership with Chicago Cityscape comes in.

The MAPS Tracker we built with Chicago Cityscape gives property owners peace of mind by continually scanning aggregated databases of every permitting, licensing, and building violation status in Chicago to determine that all your documentation is current. You’ll receive recurring reminders when it’s time to renew permits and licenses to avoid missed deadlines and costly fines.

Zoning Services

Efficient zoning assessments and recommendations

Expedite the site selection process and avoid costly zoning review roadblocks with MAPS’s zoning services. We use Chicago’s Cityscape’s powerful technology to quickly determine what buildings are allowed on properties of interest by analyzing Chicago property codes and regulations. In less than 48 hours, you’ll receive a comprehensive overview of your preferred site, including site-specific details, parking requirements, and historic or landmark regulations.

Stop waiting, get building. With MAPS technologies, you can jump through the hoops without wasting precious money and time.

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