A big market need that has lacked a relevant solution, until now

After several years of experience preparing Chicago zoning reports, we noticed two levels of need among brokers, property managers, builders, and developers. The first need is gaining an overview of what can and can’t be done with a property in its current state and zoning district. The second, more complicated need, is gaining a deeper understanding of what can and can’t be done with the property in the future, and if a zoning change is required.

Regardless of the zoning need, most professionals obtain Chicago zoning reports through law firms, which can be slow, expensive, elusive, and cursory in the details they provide. We decided there's a better way. We developed quick, easy, and right-fit solutions that meet these two levels of need in ways that are both affordable and transparent.

Introducing MAPS Zoning Report – when a quick overview is needed

Once the Chicago zoning classification is known, our Zoning Dashboard aggregates all the relevant information to provide a full and accurate picture of current possibilities and constraints. MAPS Zoning Report is an automated process that delivers the required information for only $249 (this price is a limited time offer) within only 48 hours – upfront and clear. Sample reports can be downloaded so you can see exactly what you will get.

We provide valuable information often missing from other Chicago zoning reports including financial incentives available in the district, if the property is in a landmark district or not, and other special circumstances that could complicate things. We also offer a revision period to answer questions or provide additional details.

MAPS Zoning Report plus - when more tailored information is needed

After a basic level report is reviewed, sometimes more in-depth information is required to understand what changes or approvals are needed to achieve business objectives for the property – in other words, what zoning changes, special use permits, or other entitlements must be acquired. When this occurs, a more rigorous process of information gathering is required to understand the plans for the property, what uses or unit quantity is envisioned, and the project budget. MAPS Zoning Report plus is a more consultative process that delivers the required information for only $499 within 5 days – upfront, clear, and insightful.

Through in-depth conversations we get to know the client's intent for the property. Then we run through an array of options before suggesting a path forward to alter the current zoning district so the project plans comply with the Chicago zoning ordinance. We incorporate our understanding of trends in the ward to provide informed perspectives on how likely some of the options are given the current mindset of the alderman — we know what’s important to them, and their recent history in changing Chicago zoning districts in their word. We also review similar Chicago zoning changes that have been approved in the ward by people like yourself, and which process they used, to provide additional perspectives on your project.

Depending on which course of action is best, we will narrow down the options to either one or some combination of four processes to modify the property’s zoning district:

  1. Chicago zoning change or re-zoning
  2. Administrative adjustment
  3. Special use permit
  4. Variation

After determining the best path forward, we provide clients with actionable insights on managing the right process to modify a Chicago zoning district. If clients would rather have professionals take care of it — we provide an additional service that handles the entire thing, no headache or hassle required.

To contact us or learn more about our Chicago zoning solutions, please visit MAPS Zoning Reports at https://www.map-strategies.com/zoning-assessment/