Individuals and small firms can now attend MAPS's first off-site New Building Code seminar

MAPS is excited to announce that our seminar about Chicago's updated and modernized building code can now offer AIA members 1 hour of a continuing education credit (1 LU/HSW). Our presentation is 45 minutes, includes robust Q&A (based on our history of discussions with firms in the past five months), and ends with a new code analysis tutorial. 

MAPS will teach architects, contractors, and developers about the changes to Chicago building code and how it affects projects. The seminar covers new fire prevention concepts, how the updated code is organized, changes that affect common building types in Chicago, and potential cost & design impacts.

In August we waived the fee for our presentation to large groups (10 or more attendees), but we had overwhelming demand from individuals and people who work at small firms. To ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend our seminar – now attended by over 200 architects, engineers, contractors, and developers – MAPS has scheduled an off-site seminar for individual AEC design professionals and those who work at small firms (9 or fewer attendees). 

Join us at 10 AM on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, in the Civic Opera Building. The registration fee is $25 per person, and there are 25 seats available. Register on our Calendly page to pay by credit card. Email if you would like to reserve a spot and pay by check. 

Firms with 10 or more people attending should book an on-site seminar through this form