At the January 23rd meeting of the City Council, Mayor Emanuel introduced an ordinance requiring the “City Council Committee on Zoning, Landmarks and Building Standards [to]hold a hearing on all zoning map amendments and vote to recommend to pass or to not pass such amendments within 180 days after a complete application is referred to the committee.”

This would mean, for example, that a rezoning ordinance introduced at the City Council’s next meeting on March 13, 2019, must be voted on by the Zoning Committee by September 19, 2019.

The mayor’s proposed change would also affect Planned Development applications when the application proposes to change the zoning map. It wouldn’t affect Planned Development amendments unless they adjusted the boundaries of the Planned Development.

The Mayor’s ordinance is one of the ethics reforms he is proposing which are designed to increase government transparency and accountability. The same ordinance would change political donation rules

Emanuel's proposed ordinance (O2019-285) is unrelated to another proposed ordinance, introduced in July by 47th Ward Alder. Ameya Pawar, and co-sponsored by 26 others, that would require residential Planned Developments that meet their affordable housing and all other requirements, to be approved or modified within six months of introduction to City Council.

Pawar's proposal is called the Affordable Housing Equity Ordinance (O2018-6119); it hasn't been referred to a committee yet.

Photo of 47th Ward Alder. Pawar (left) and 27th Ward Alder. Burnett (right) by Dan X. O’Neil.