Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago City Council recently created a Department of Housing, splitting housing functions out of the Department of Planning & Development (DPD).

Emanuel announced the proposal in June 2018, saying, the Department of Housing (DOH) will combine the City staff who work on housing policies and programs “under one roof”. He also said “this new department will give the City a specialized resource to ensure housing remains affordable for anyone who wants to live, work and raise a family in Chicago.”

Until the mayor appoints a commissioner of the Department of Housing, and the Council approves the appointment, the DOH will be overseen by Department of Planning & Development Commissioner David Reifman.

MAPS’s multi-family housing developer clients must comply with the Affordable Requirements Ordinance, or ARO. The staff in charge of processing ARO applications, including Kara Breems, are now in the Department of Housing’s Bureau of Housing Development, and staff who monitor post-construction ARO compliance are in the Department of Housing’s Bureau of Construction & Compliance.

Many of the other sections in the Department of Housing are focused on small housing developments and programs to increase homeownership. Zoning, plan review, and planned development sections remain in DPD.

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