Another zoning code update from last year is this ordinance that changes several rules for high-rise office building owners who want to install a sign. Those rules include:

  1. Decreasing the maximum allowable area of a sign on a high-rise building

  2. Increasing the maximum allowable area of a sign on a high-rise building for buildings on parcels adjacent to the Chicago River downtown

  3. Modifying the measurements for the signs. It excludes certain parts of letter forms from the sign area calculation. For example, the curly part of a "g", the lower part of a "p", and the top of an "l" or "f", no longer count towards sign area as long as those letters' area don't exceed 10% of the main letters' area.

  4. Amending the standards on what tenant company's name or logo can be on a high-rise buildings’ sign. A tenant who wants a high-rise building sign must lease either 51% or more of the building's total floor area or 350,000 square feet (the previous ordinance required that the tenant occupy 51% or more). Additionally, the tenant company's CEO and other executive officers must be located in the building for a company with at least 1,000 employees nationally, or the company has 1,000 employees working in the building.

The amended ordinance is a major change from the previous version as it no longer requires that the company have been operating for at least five years and no longer has to call Chicago its national headquarters.

High-rise building signs must also be installed on the exterior wall just below the roof line and the sign's width cannot exceed 50% of the building's width at the place of installation. The sign can also be installed on the rooftop mechanical equipment.

Ordinance: SO2018-7004

Rendering of Wolf Point South, where Salesforce has signed a lease that includes naming rights, created by Steelblue. The architect is Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.