The Chicago Public Schools is planning to sell seven vacant properties that it owns across Chicago. The sites, which range from small to massive, are in seven different community areas.

CPS is accepting bids for each of the properties until Wednesday, January 16, at 2 PM.

An accurate zoning assessment is an essential part of the site selection process. Order a zoning assessment for any of the properties from MAP Strategies and we'll determine what you’re allowed to build, how big it can be, what businesses can open there, and how much parking is required.

If a zoning change is needed, perhaps to gain eligibility for Chicago’s transit-oriented development density bonus, MAPS can recommend an ideal zoning classification. As part of the assessment we can also estimate the receptiveness of the alderman to the rezoning based on their past performance of approving zoning changes.

MAPS has other pre-development services: We’ll quantify any affordable housing requirements if you’re planning a residential project, and we can identify potential financial & development incentives.

Contact MAPS for a free overview of the seven properties, and a larger version of the map.

About the properties

  • Chicago Public Schools will place a restriction on all of the properties that disallows a K-12 charter school.

  • The site of the former Washburne trade school is the only vacant property with a minimum bid, of $1,125,000. It’s nearly 11 acres large.

  • One of the sites is in a planned development, which comes with unique restrictions and permissions. MAPS can summarize these in the zoning assessment.

  • A majority of the sites are within walking distances of CTA and Metra stations.

Download the bid solicitation package on Chicago Public Schools’s procurement webpage.

Map of the 7 vacant properties that Chicago Public Schools is selling.

Map of the 7 vacant properties that Chicago Public Schools is selling.