Artman Studio is the licensed architectural design firm of MAPS. Managing Director Tim Artman leads the architectural work and Heather Morrison manages the business.

The professional collaboration of Tim and Heather began when they were negotiating the different sides of design and compliance of the Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago.

The unavoidable complexities of a vertical urban hospital guaranteed numerous meetings to clarify and interpret the code to produce the best building. The work resulted in multiple regulatory changes as this project was the first of its kind – Chicago hadn’t ever approved a high-rise children’s hospital. Tim’s calm, measured approach to code reviews, and willingness to educate, created a healthy exchange among the design team, hospital, and City, throughout the process.

Today, MAPS and Artman Studio have a passion to use their collective knowledge of design and compliance to edit architecture in the design stage. Designing through the lens of compliance offers a straightforward approach that sets the ground rules for well-articulated space.