We are a team of seasoned professionals spanning all disciplines of architecture, engineering, and urban planning, on a mission to streamline the compliance process of public and private building projects

Our Story

After working in the field of architecture for several years, we often experienced significant inefficiencies in how entitlement processes for permitting, code review and licensing were managed. Changes in the design have to occur after the fact within this process, thus exacerbating inefficiencies. 

We started MAP Strategies (MAPS) to bring accountability and discipline to be informed, organized and prepared for the governmental regulatory process. Similar to the law, building codes are there to systematize how architects design buildings for the safety of the public. We own that responsibility upfront by working side by side with project teams to integrate the compliance into the project management and design early on, creating better outcomes and saving owners money. 

Our startup began in 2014 in the West Loop with the dream of turning compliance on its head. Fortunately, notable developers gave us a chance early on to prove out our value – and we delivered. These early successes and a reputation for high service paved the way for consistent growth in the years to follow.

Today, we are recognized as one of the premier firms in our industry and have had the good fortune of adding significantly to our client list and project experience. To date, we have worked with giants in the real estate field including Related, Golub, Fifield, and completed over 300 projects, including high-profile developments at One Bennett Park, The Sinclair, and the Tribune Tower renovation.

What is MAPS?

MAPS is an architectural compliance and management firm with an innovative approach to reduce the time and stress of permitting and licensing. We are a dynamic collaboration between highly experienced leadership and a well-respected team of design professionals, former city officials, permit expediters, and code and legal experts in all disciplines.

By embracing our knowledge base, leveraging City relationships, and utilizing strategic planning skills before and during the permitting process, your project will advance months ahead of a standard schedule. In our experience working on large-scale projects with premiere development and architecture firms, our team has delivered major design and schedule efficiencies.

Compliance Partner

A compliance partner focuses on editing architectural designs prior to permit submittal and strategically planning the mission of permitting and licensing, resulting in a wealth of benefits. With these goals at the front and center of the pre-construction process, projects are completed with better design outcomes and both time and money saved.

Developers in Chicago who don't have a compliance partner are at a disadvantage. In the ever-changing world of real estate development, the stakes are high to get it right the first time. Their expeditors, architects and engineers spend too much time reacting to the idiosyncrasies of the permit and review process with various codes and must reactively retool the building design.

MAPS will “AIDE” your project. We…

  • Accelerate projects through the City’s red tape by identifying issues upfront and providing solutions immediately

  • Impact how projects are managed, focusing on compliance and entitlements for a more efficient process

  • Drive the permit and license schedule to produce on-time architectural projects, saving 2-6 months, to maximize profit

  • Edit architecture in the design stage for better design outcomes

Our Capabilities

We have developed a special combination of capabilities that makes us one of Chicago’s premier compliance program experts. It is through these capabilities that enable us to not only be excellent expediters, but also to approach each challenge strategically and intelligently through the smart use of technology.

Strategic Planning

Anticipate delays and strategize the best course forward based on our vast experience in the past and the forward thinking of the future processes. No surprises and no drama is our goal. Integrating strategy with programing, pre construction, design, and financing to balance best path for any given project.

Architectural Design

No one knows architecture like we do. After collectively reviewing over 500 high profile permits in the City of Chicago, we have grown our design business on the shoulders of our experts. Our designers work in conjunction with our code experts to provide competent and innovative design. Whether it's residential renovation or a large interior retail build-out, MAP Studio provides affordable, straightforward design services to get your project completed properly and on time.

Our Technology

MAP Strategies uses state-of-the-art technology to eliminate tedious procedures. Our proprietary software, FormWork, handles the paperwork and processes required in the beginning stages for permitting. FormWork expedites permitting with ease and accuracy unmatched by the conventional permitting process.

MAP Strategies partners with Chicago Cityscape to tap into a robust database of every Chicago zoning, permitting and licensing requirement, providing up-to-the-minute notifications for when paperwork is due or renewals are required. Chicago Cityscape offers instant access to Chicago's zoning regulations, and a rapid turnaround within 48 hours for all inquiries about potential developments.


Management Firm

Morrison Architectural Planning Strategies, LLC (MAPS™)
Doing Business As (DBA): MAP Strategies, LLC

Licensed Design Firm

MAP Studio, LLC
Doing Business As (DBA): Artman Studio, LLC

MAPS is certified as a WBE firm with Cook County and the Illinois Department of Central Management Services.